VIPKid is a global online edTech firm with a proprietary platform that connects students around the world with qualified teachers in the U.S. and Canada. The company is regarded as China's largest edtech unicorn in the fiercy competive virtual learning market.

Role: Creative Manager/Designer

As a creative manager, part of my role was to build relationships with teams throughout the organization to build trust for our department and reinforce our brand authority. I worked closely across teams to provide creative direction for a holistic experience that informs every touchpoint, including marketing campaigns, website updates, blog content, internal communications, in-person and virtual events, and the product experience.


During my 2+ years at VIPKid, my team successfully recruited 40,000 new teachers, increasing our total teacher community to 100,000 teachers on the platform.

I increased our organic social media engagement from under 100 to 4000 impressions per post. Previously, the average posts reach was 3000 impressions. The new social media posts garnered 50,000+.


After a successful seven years, VIPKid's loyal students were growing up. The brand needed an update to grow with the company's changing audience.

While VIPKid was known for its bright orange palette and spirited images, a survey of parents found the brand experience to be overly playful. Many thought the classes were intended for preschool-age children, when in fact they are for students ages 6 and older.


Our strategy was to update our content and visual assets to highlight VIPKid teachers' expertise as educators and their ability to engage with young students virtually. We wanted to show off the diversity of our teachers and our fun and effective learning platform while remaining true to VIPKid's vision of happy teachers and students.

We gradually rolled out the changes starting with new ads, social media images, and an updated website. We partnered with our community experts to explain the new brand updates to our loyal community and ensure that we remain aligned with our values.

Updated Photo Assets

To plan the photoshoot, I worked with the Brand Manager and Project Manager to select models, wardrobe, set location, and create mood boards, shot lists, and set designs. The photoshoot spanned 2 days and produced over 1400 shots and 21 videos.

Through my creative direction, we captured the authentic experience of teaching and learning with VIPKid. It was my strategy to show that with VIPKid, parents were able to continue their tasks at home while their children learned online. I wanted to showcase our teacher's professionalism while also creating a fun and engaging learning experience.

Teacher teaching an online class with large white dog images of teachers and students in online class Teacher sitting at desk teaching an online class

New Brand Video

In this short video, viewers can experience what it's like to be a VIPKid teacher, student, or parent. I worked closely with our Brand Manager to create this video to elevate the brand's personality through authentic and realistic scenes.

New Global Product/Website Update

While we were already planning to update the website, new government regulations forced VIPKId to make a dramatic pivot and launch a new product. I worked closely with the Product Team to guide the visual experience by redlining wireframes, creating high-fidelity mockups, and providing feedback on the user experience during the build out.

Due to extreme time constraints, we were not able to perfect the user experience. However, we were able to launch effectively recruit new students. Planned in the next phase is to incorporate a responsive web experience.

Home page mockup for the VIPKid's new global website
VIPKid global website design mockups wireframes for VIPKid's global website

Improved Login Page User Experience

During the product launch, I took the opportunity to improve the login and signup pages. A survey revealed that users often don't know if they are logging in as a student or teacher. Adding a headline solves this problem while improving SEO and digital accessibility. A global product also needs different methods of login. Offering a mobile and email login accommodates the needs of a wider audience. These minor changes improve the experience and reduce frustration for returning users.

Mockup showing an improved web product login page

Referral Program Design and Strategy

We performed a user survey and concluded that our teachers were confused by the program rules and disliked the clunky user interface. I worked alongside the Brand Manager and Marketing Director to simplify the referral process by adding one-click options for users to share their referral links. The new strategy highlighted additional earning potential, which increased signups through organic search rather than paid traffic.

Before and after mockup of VIPKid's referral portal VIPKid landing page design for the referral program

Affiliate Program Design

I revamped our affiliate landing page design to incorporate the new look and feel that I developed in collaboration with our Brand Manager. Our mascots show prospective affiliates that VIPKid is a fun brand to partner with!

VIPKid landing page design for the affilate program

Brand Guidelines

For greater company impact, I collaborated with the product team to align brand/product visual guidelines for a cohesive experience across all digital products and create a more efficient company-wide design system. I incorporated WCAG guidelines for digital and print accessibility.

layout showing VIPKid brand guidelines

Shopify Store and Company Swag

Due to the pandemic, we hosted our very first virtual event. I also designed swag and set up our Shopify e-commerce store. Attendees received a welcome package with select gifts and could purchase additional swag online.

VIPKid brand swag

Brand Spotlight

A proud moment for me was seeing my billboard design lighting up Times Square in New York City!

VIPKid billboard in Times Square, New York City
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