VIPKid is a global online edTech firm with a proprietary platform that connects students around the world with qualified teachers in the U.S. and Canada.

When VIPKid needed to expand its product for a global audience, I was tasked with overseeing product design and buildout. To ensure design consistency, I combined the product and brand guidelines to create a cohesive design system. I directed a photoshoot to produce new photo assets that highlight our teachers' professionalism and ability to engage with students virtually.

Role: Creative Director/Designer

I design and provide creative direction for product, brand, marketing efforts. I partner with the product team to oversee product updates and improve user experience. I collaborate with marketing managers to optimize landing pages and paid media, creators to produce blog and social media content, and the community team to produce high-impact events.

In addition to VIPKid, I provide creative direction and marketing strategies for various sub-brands such as Lingo Bus, the leading online Chinese language platform for kids, and Mini Mighty Reading Club, online tutoring for reading.


During my 2+ years at VIPKid, my team successfully recruited 40,000 new teachers, increasing our total teacher community to 100,000 teachers on the platform.

I increased our organic social media engagement from under 100 to 4000 impressions per post. Previously, the average posts reach was 3000 impressions. The new social media posts garnered 50,000+.

Brand Spotlight

A proud moment for me was seeing my billboard design lighting up Times Square in New York City!

VIPKid billboard in Times Square, New York City

Global Website Launch

When we needed to quickly pivot our product for a global audience, the brand director and I worked together with the product team to launch the first phase in one month. My role included design strategy, wireframing, mockups, user experience feedback, and overseeing production.

Home page mockup for the VIPKid's new global website
VIPKid global website design mockups wireframes for VIPKid's global website

Improved Login Page User Experience

The existing login page needed an update. A survey revealed that users often don't know if they are logging in as a student or teacher. Adding a headline solves this problem while improving SEO and digital accessibility. A global product also needs different methods of login. Offering a mobile and email login accommodates the needs of a wider audience. These minor changes improve the experience and reduce frustration for returning users.

Mockup showing an improved web product login page

Referral Program Design and Strategy

Worked along side the Brand Manager and Marketing Director to improve our referral program. We performed a user survey and concluded that our teachers were confused by the program rules and disliked the clunky user interface. My new design uses clear and concise language and simplifies the referral process by adding one-click options for users to share their referral links.

Part of the new strategy was to add a webpage to spotlight our referral program by showing additional earning potential, which increased signups through organic search rather than paid traffic.

Before and after mockup of VIPKid's referral portal VIPKid landing page design for the referral program

Affiliate Program Design

I revamped our affiliate landing page design to incorporate the new look and feel that I developed in collaboration with our Brand Manager. Our mascots show prospective affiliates that VIPKid is a fun brand to partner with!

VIPKid landing page design for the affilate program


Through my creative direction, these photos captured the meaningful connection that students and teachers can have without ever meeting in person. I worked with the Brand Manager and Project Manager on model selection, wardrobe selection, set location, mood boards, shot list, and set design. The photoshoot spanned 2 days and produced over 1400 shots and 21 videos.

Teacher teaching an online class with large white dog images of teachers and students in online class Teacher sitting at desk teaching an online class

Brand Guidelines

Helped to define best practices to create a more efficient company-wide design system, meet WCAG guidelines for digital and print accessibility, and achieve a clean and sophisticated aesthetic that will appeal to a global audience. For greater company impact, I collaborated with the product team to align brand/product guidelines for a more cohesive experience across all digital products.

layout showing VIPKid brand guidelines
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