Sushirrito is THE ORIGINAL sushi burrito restaurant. With a decade of success behind them, the owners felt it was time to refresh the brand and redirect the focus back to its Japanese roots.

Changing the brand colors from earth tones to a rich blue elevates this fast-casual brand. In Japanese culture, indigo represents the bountiful sea that surrounds the islands.

Role: Design Manager/Designer

My work with Sushirrito involves brand management and consulting to ensure on-brand partnerships and expansion while collaborating directly with the CEO and COO. Projects include the re-brand, website design and management, marketing strategies, content creation, graphic design, packaging design, sign design and overseeing manufacturing and installation.

Fun Fact: On Sushirrito's opening day, there were so many people searching for Sushirrito on Yelp that the site crashed!

Store Branding

I created a new pattern set that represents the many exotic flavors that Sushirrito has to offer. The pattern is used throughout the brand experience and incorporated into the stores' design, creating a fun atmosphere for a casual brand that's serious about food.

Sushirrito storefront and sidewalk sign design
Installing vinyl graphics on the Sushirrito food truck
Sushirrito storefront window graphics design


Sushirrito catering box with chips
Sushirrito drink label design


Suhirrito website menu page design mockup