Sojern is a global digital marketing platform powered by AI and traveler intent data with headquarters in San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Singapore.

Role: Lead Visual Designer

Supported company-wide initiatives by providing creative direction and on-brand designs for the corporate website, blog, marketing collateral, press releases, and creative assets for online advertising and events.


Sojern needed to engage with clients like American Airlines, American Express, Delta, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Marriott, Microsoft, Samsonite, Starwood, United, and US Airways.


In order to gain the attention of clients, our strategy was to create a memorable marketing campaign that would create a buzz about our data. My team design infographics and travel trends reports shared by PR agencies around the world, turning Sojern into a familiar name in travel marketing.

Explainer Video

So what is Sojern? This was a common question from potential clients. Our sales team needed a solution that quickly communicates our value prop. We created a video that explains how our service works and its ease of use. I provide creative direction for the design, voiceover, and production.


My team collaborated with data scientists to translate the data into clear and easy-to-understand content and infographics to advertise our travel trends data.

Infographic designed for Sojern's Travel Trends for October, November, and December
Infographic designed for Sojern's Travel Trends during spring break
Infographic designed for Sojern's Travel Trends during spring break

Landing Pages

The infographics led interested parties to our landing pages where users needed to submit their contact information to download our travel trends report. This marketing campaign allowed our sales team to establish valuable partnerships.

Computer monitor showing a Landing page with ocean background, designed for Sojern's Travel Trends
Laptop showing a landing page with graphic featuring clouds and a mountain, designed for Sojern's Travel Trends
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