When time permits, I enjoy creating art, working on personal projects, or creating educational resources for my blog. If you have an exciting project you want to discuss, let's connect!

Logo illustration depicting the preschool's modern play-based philosopy

Wall sign with logo illustration of a boy under giant book tent

At the beginning of the pandemic, I had the idea for this piece called 'EAU DE TOILET', to remember when the world didn't end but we all ran out of toilet paper. This dimensional pandemic art piece is created in acrylic, vinyl, and resin. Status: SOLD

pandemic art of perfume bottle that says 'Eau De Toilet'

I love the modern look of this illustration I created of the San Francisco Skyline for a commissioned art piece. Status: SOLD

Large wall art of san francisco skyline

I illustrated flowers and set up the designs to be engraved on large wood mahjong tiles for Lucky Rapp. Status: available for purchase at Minnesota Street Project.

digital illustration of flower designs on a laptop flower illustration engraved on large wood mahjong tiles

A clean and contemporary logo and package design for California sustainable caviar.

Logo design for a nature focused Preshool located in a national park.

children in front of sign with Little Bee Preschool logo

Illustration for nursery wall art.

Bird logo design that says Yvie

Logo design for a beauty salon in Lajolla, CA.

Blush Salon logo design on a wall behind a bench swing

Punny illustration for a childrens' T-shirt design.

Baby onesie with 3 egg cartoons and the text Eggceptional
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