My Name is Jeanne

Pronounced [jee-nee]

I am a creative leader and multi-disciplinary designer with 10+ years of corporate and freelance experience with a history of leading design projects, marketing campaigns, and product launches. I enjoy collaborating with team members and stakeholders to create impactful human-centered product and brand experiences.

As a child, I kept a notebook on my nightstand to capture ideas that came to me in my sleep. I have been a passionate creator as far as I can remember. I experimented with any medium I could get access to. One of my first jobs as a teenager was designing window displays. I went on to study computerized graphic design. Then worked in signage and large format printing. Eventually, I learned HTML and CSS and began my career as a digital designer and web developer.

I can honestly say that I have been a designer my entire life. In this ever-changing world... I'm grateful to keep learning, evolving, and creating.

Highlights of my skills include:

  • Brand Creation and Extension
  • Creating and Maintaining Brand Guidelines
  • Print and Digital Design
  • Website Design and Coding (HTML & CSS)
  • Directing Video and Photoshoots
  • Creative Strategy and Budgeting
  • Visual Design for Virtual and In-person Events
  • Marketing Campaign Design (social media, banner ads, SEO)
  • Digital Accessibility Best Practices (WCAG)

You can call me an overachiever. I work hard to make things look good—my team, for one! In my spare time, I like to create art, bake, set up science projects for my children, and work on my blog, a collection of language learning resources.

Jeanne Chang in the art studio creating acrylic wall art